The haunted house - last chapter, part 2

"It's been 10 minutes since John left now.." Vicky said with a worried voice.
"Yeah, let's go upstairs!" Martin said and stood up from the sofa. But as soon as he did, we heard John scream.
"Ahh, why didn't he listen to me when I said that he should have went alone??" Martin said was about to run upstairs when Vicky stopped him. "If the murderer's there, shouldn't we have some kind of weapon to defend us with??"
"Yeah, you're right..let's get some knifes from the kitchen", he answered and then walked into the kitchen to get the knifes. When he came back he carried one and gave one to Vicky. "Here, I only found two. I'll take one and you take have one to protect both you and Suzy with." And then we walked up to John and Martin's room. But he wasn't in there so we walked out to the corridor and then Vicky whispered to me with a shaking voice and pointed towards the empty room. "S-Suzy, look..t-the door to that empty room is o-open.." I looked towards the direction where she was pointing and saw the door slightly open. Martin walked in front of us and looked at us with a serious face and talked with a low and slightly trembling voice. "Look. I'll go over there and look if John's in there. And while I do that I want you two to stay here. If I don't come out, I want you to run out into the forest or something and hide there until the ferry comes and gets you. Okay?"
"No, you can't go there! What if the murderer is still in there?! He'll kill you, it's too dangerous! Why can't you also run away and hide with us??" I said and grabbed his hand to make him stay.
"But what if John's still alive in there? We can't just leave him.." He answered shortly and made me let go of his hand, and then walked slowly towards the room. When he got there, he called John's name at the doorway with a low voice and he looked really scared..but he didn't back off. But suddenly a short guy came out and stabbed him in the stomach. Martin stumbled a few steps back, turned around to us and said with a low and trembling voice: ..Run, run away..!" And then he started to cough blood and collapsed on the floor.
", Martin! ..You bastard, you killed him..and you killed all my friends too!" Vicky shouted and started to run in rage towards the murderer that was only standing there, next to Martin with his knife in his hand.
"No, what are you doing Vicky!? Come back, we gotta get out of here!" I tried to stop her by running after her and trying to grab her arm or something but stopped as I didn't saw any mening in it when I realised that I couln't stop her. She was running towards the murderer and raised her hand that was holdning the knife.
Although, I couldn't see the murderer's whole face because he was wearing a black hoodie that was covering his eyes but I saw his smiling mouth and then I knew in an instant that he was going to kill Vicky, so I tried one last time to make her stop before she reached her goal, "Vicky come back! You don't stand a chance against him..!" But she didn't listen to me, it was more like she didn't hear me. She only saw the murderer and wanted to take revenge on him. But as I thought, she didn't even come near him before he stabbed her. She stood there for a few sceonds with the knife straight in her heart, and when the murderer took the knife out she fell to the floor, lifeless.
"I'm sorry my dear Vicky.." He whispered and then he looked up at me. I stood there, looking back at him in fear, unable to move.
"W-who are you..? Why did you kill everyone??" I managed to say. He was smiling a creepy smile and took off his hood and I recognized him immediately.
"No way...C-Christopher?"
"Heh, I'm glad you recognized me because none of the others did. This class sure is pretty rotten, don't you also think so..Suzy?" He said with an evil grin on his face.
"Why did you do this?" I asked and my voice was shaking and I almost couldn't hear what I said myself. He laughed a bit and then looked at me straight in the eyes. "Well, isn't that obvious? This whole class ignored or bullied me! I didn't even do them anything, so why!?" He shouted and then took a few steps forward. "I wanted revenge, and now I've got it. It's only you left now.." He took another step forward. I wanted to run away, but my legs didn't move. He took a step, and then another, but then he changed his expression from grinning to a pretty sad look. "Tell me Suzy..why didn't you help me? I saw countless of times that you were about to tell them to stop bullying me, but in the end, you always chickened out."
I was going to apologize for not helping him in the past but before I even opened my mouth he started to run towards me, with that grin on his face again, still looking at me in the eyes and before I even knew it, eveything became black.

The end

The haunted house - Last chapter, part 1

We woke up about 10 o'clock and during the night, a few more people have fallen victims for the murderer.
Isabelle, Maud, Michael, Eric, Emmet, Mathew and our teachers wasn't in their rooms, so we went to that empty room and discovered them in there, all stabbed in the stomach.
We were only four left now.

Later on we decided to go out for a bit, but we discovered something more horrible outside. That tree right in front of the house, where Christine was hanged..all of our classmates bodies was hanging in that tree or sitting on the ground, leaning against it. We became terrified by the sight of it and went straight inside again, not wanting to see that ever again..
We only made some sandwiches to eat, since none of us wanted to start cooking something. We weren't in the mood for that, so we only sat in the living room for the meanwhile, some of us playing games on our cellphones. I was thinking about Isabelle. "Why did he kill her, but not me or Vicky, and we all share the same room.." Once again, my thoughts were interupted. But this time by John: "I still wonder who the killer is.."
"Yeah, and I'm also concerned by that message he wrote after he killed Oscar." Vicky filled in.
"Hmm..maybe he has a crush on you?" Martin said with a teasing voice. Vicky gave him a slightly glare. "The murderer has a crush on me? You must be joking.."
"But that makes some kinda sense if you think about the message he wrote- Someone like him doesn't deserve her. Maybe the murderer meant that Oscar doesn't deserve you after what he said and then he killed him." John said and ended the sentence with a low voice, like he was guilty about what happened between Vicky and Oscar.
"By the way Suzy, when will the ferry come and get us?" Martin asked and looked at me.
"I think it was at 2 o'clock.."
"And now the time is..?" He asked. I looked at the time on my cell and then looked up at Martin. "It's half past one."
"It's only a half an hour, maybe we'll make it away from this island alive!" Martin said which made us get our hopes up.
"Hey, did everyone finish packing their stuff yesterday? In that case, let's start watching a movie on the iPad. I'll go and get it!" John said and stood up and Martin did as well. "Are you going to get it all by yourself? I'll go with you." John just waved his hand at him. "Haha, no it's okay. I'll be fine.." And with that, he left the room and went upstairs all by himself..

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 13

We went outside again to the others, all with a very sad look. When Martin saw us he went over to us and looked at us with concern. "Hey, what about Oscar?? Don't tell me he's actually.." I just nodded. We all went over to the tables and sat down in depression. "How many have died?" I thought and began counting all my dead classmates that's been killed. But I soon realized that it's easier to count the ones that's still alive since more is dead than alive. "'s me, Vicky, Isabelle, Maud, Michael, Martin, John, Mathew, Eric, Emmet and both our teachers..what, we're only 12 people left?!" I didn't have more time to think about that because Anne came and sat down at the table, bringing up a subject that interupted my thoughts. "Guys, why don't we think of something more fun? Like all the fun things we've done in the class." Everyone else gathered around the tables and we began talking about various things we've done.
"I remember last years baseball tournament, we all became so pissed off when our seniors lost against us but then suddenly they said that they had won because the judges made a mistake! And then we didn't made it to the finals.." Michael said and pouted.
"Oh yeah..but we were placed third at least", Maud said and smirked at him. Martin suddenly started to wave with his hand like he was about to say something but when he opened his mouth he just started laughing. "Camp..sauce..!"
"Ahh, at the camp in the autumn when Eric had that hot sauce with him and you guys tricked us to try it!" I said and then looked at Eric, he just nodded and he and Emmet grinned for themselves. 
"That was really fun, you all got totally red in the face!" John said and smiked while he made a gesture like he usually does when he talks.

"Ahh, I'm staring to get pretty hungry..when do we eat?" Maud said and looked at the teachers. Anne stood up and streched a bit. "We can start now if you want"
"Yeah, I'm starting to get hungry too", Vicky said and also began to strech a bit.
"Then let's make some hamburgers that we have left", Patricia said and stood up. "I'll go and get some, Anne, can you please help me?"

After dinner we watched a movie that John brought with him in the livingroom, it was called Paranormal Activity. It was a pretty creepy movie, and after it ended everyone went up to their rooms to pack their stuff and get some rest. But, without knowing what was waiting for them tomorrow..

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 12, part 2

When Vicky went upstairs Isabelle and I walked outside to the others. We both looked at Oscar when we came outside and saw him talking to the other guys. It looked like he wasn't affected by what had just happened. Both of us glared at him, but he didn't seem to notice us though.

We sat down at the table next to his and observed him. After about ten minutes both Isabelle and I couldn't stand seeing him sitting there, laughing with the others still pretending like nothing had happened between him and Vicky.
"Hey Oscar, aren't you gonna talk to Vicky? She's pretty heartbroken from what you just did." I said and raised and eyebrow at him. He just looked at me with a slightly nervous sight.
"O-okay, I go and talk to her.." He answered and looked a bit ashamed. He walked inside towards the room Vicky was resting in and we all looked stood there for a minute in silence.
"I hope Vicky will be alright." Isabelle said quietly.
"Did something happen between them?" Michael asked us as he sat down next to Isabelle.
"Sorry, but it's none of yur business" I answered a bit coldly. I didn't want anyone to butt in since this is something pretty private between only Vicky and Oscar. The ones that are out of this also have to stay out of it.

Anne walked over to us and held a bat in her hands "What do you guys say..should we play some baseball instead of sitting here, looking gloomy?"
"Yeah, sure!" The guys answered and stood up. Anne looked at us. "What about you girls?" Maud also stood up and aswered 'yes' happily but Isabelle and I wasn't sure since we were worried about Vicky. But it didn't really help much if we just sat there and waited for them so in the end we went along too.

I suck at baseball. I'm never able to get a good swing..but I guess it worked out somehow. Our team won after all. We played a few more games, and after about three quarters Vicky came outside so Isabelle and I walked over to her.
"How do you feel? Did you guys sorted things out?" Isabelle asked.
"Is Oscar still inside?" I asked right after.
"Huh? He isn't here?" Vicky looked at me in surprise by my question. I just shook my head.
"But that's weird..we were done talking after just a half an hour then I thought he walked outside again while I stayed in my room for a bit longer.." She said and sounded a bit worried.
"Hey, do you guys think.." Isabelle started, but she didn't finish the sentence.
"Come on, let's tell the teacher!" I said and ran over to Anne and Patricia. "We have to go inside for a bit, Oscar's missing..Vicky said that he left her room before her, but he hasn't come out yet!" I said worriedly.
"Maybe he's in the bathroom..calm down a bit." Martin said and rised an eyebrow at me.
"Do you sit on the toilet for 15 minutes??" I answered back.
"Maybe not.."
"The room is locked so I follow you inside since I have the key." Anne said and then me, Isabelle and Vicky went upstairs towards the empty room, hoping that we won't find Oscar in there.
But unfortunately we did.

He was leaning against the wall just like Sophia and the others have done, stabbed in the stomach. But the message on the wall has been rewritten. Instead the message said-
"Someone like him doesn't deserve her"

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 12, part 1

The three of us just stood there in the doorway to the kitchen, all very shocked.
Vicky took a step forward and looked at Oscar with tears in her eyes. " that true? You love John?..?" She said with a slightly trembling voice.
Oscar and John jumped in surprise as they finally noticed us.
"V-Vicky?! You heard??" Oscar said in surprise.
"Y-yeah, we heard everything..why did you hide the fact that you love someone else from me??" She asked and tears began to fall down her cheeks.
"I'm sorry..." He answered and then walked past us and went outside. John started to walk towards the dorrway, when he walked past Vicky he stopped for a moment and looked at her with pity. "I'm sorry Vicky, I should've said something too.."

When they were both gone Vicky began to cry more and Isabelle and I tried to comfort her a little. Although, I don't think it helped that much since she just lost her first love.
"It will get better..he wasn't much to have either since he kinda cheated on you." Isabelle said and hugged her.
While Isabelle tried to comfort Vicky a little more, I took everyone's dishes and put them on the sink.
"Should we go outside again? Or do you wanna rest for a while inside?" I asked Vicky. She looked up from her palms and wiped away her tears. "I think I wanna be alone in our room for a while."
"Alone? No, what about the murderer?" I answered and raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah, if you're alone in your room he'll definately come after you! It's like you're screaming to him that you want him to kill you if you're gonna be alone here inside." Isabelle said and looked at Vicky with a serious face.
"I'll be okay, if I lock the door the murderer can't get into our room and then he won't be able to murder me..right?" Vicky answered and tried to force a little smile as she stood up. We couldn't really force her to go back outside and she didn't want any of the two of us to stay with her, so we let her go. Hopefully, the murderer won't take her..

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 11

While we were eating our lunch we talked and joked a bit more than we did earlier and the air wasn't as tense as before.
Me and Isabelle were talking a bit when Isabelle started to observe Vicky and Oscar. "Hey Suzy, don't they look really cute together?" I turned away my face from Isabelle and started to observe the cute couple as well. "Yeah, they do. They've been going out for a pretty long time now, haven't they?" I answered and smirked. But as I was watching them I saw it again. John that sat next to them was glaring at them. But this time it wasn't only me who saw it, Isabelle saw it as well.
When John looked away with an irritated face Isabelle leaned closer to me and whispered- "Hey, suzy.."
"I Know. And it's not the first time either, I saw him glaring at them when we were cooking too." I whispered back and then gave a glance at John for a second.
"I wonder you think he's jealous?"
"What?" I looked at her surprised. That was a thought that had never occurred in my head.
"Yeah, maybe he likes Vicky too." She answered shortly and also glanced at John and then looked back at me. I looked back at Isabelle as I were thinking of what she just have told me. Well, it does makes some kind of sense since he's been glaring at them so much. And when I think of it, his eyes were always filled with something that looked a bit like jealousy when he was looking at them.

"Well, I'm done." Oscar said and stood up from his chair. Then John stood up as well and grabbed his plate. "I'm done as well. Let's go inside with our dishes" He said and looked at Oscar and then began to walk towards the door. Oscar grabbed his plate as well and followed him inside.
Both me and Vicky had some food left on our plates so Isabelle waited for us to be done before she also put away her plate. After we were done we all went inside as well.
But when we came inside we saw Oscar and John standing there, just looking at each other. They seemed to be fighting but none of them said anyting. Neither did they notice us.
Then John opened his mouth- "Why?? Didn't you say that you would break up with her?"
"Yeah, and I will too." Oscar answered and stared at John.
"Well, it doesn't seems like that. And you two seems to have become pretty close too."
"Yeah but.." Oscar started, not really knowing what to answer.
"But what? I thought you said that it was me who you loved..!" John blurted out and raised his fist up in the air in anger and annoyance.
"I do! But I love Vicky too, and you know that.." Oscar said with a quiet voice.
And at the second he said that Isabelle and I looked at each other both very shocked. But the most shocked one was Vicky who just witnessed her boyfriend telling another person that he loves him.

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 10

Vicky, Oscar, John, Martin and I were helping Patricia with the lunch while the others were talking outside.
"Hey..I wonder what that message meant", John said as he broke the silence that was resting over the whole kitchen. After we saw the message earlier we went straight back down to the others and told them what we had witnessed. Everyone became quite as shocked as we were before and everyone started to discuss it.

"Even if you manage to remember me, it's already too late, it said.." Martin mumbled to himself.
"So that means..the whole class knew the murderer but we've forgotten him." I said and grabbed a tomato and started to cut it up for the salad.
"Yeah..but who could it be that our whole class have forgotten?? And we must of done something more towards him than just forgotten him since he wants to kill all of us." Vicky said as she also grabbed a tomato.
"Yeah, you're right.." Martin answered which led to another awful silence. We all worked with our own stuffs, cooking the food, cutting up the salad..when Oscar broke the silence with the question that made all of us very confused.
"I was thinking..could the murderer possibly be Christopher..?"
"What?!" Everyone blurted out at the same time. " can't be him can it??" I thought and just finished cutting up all the vegtables.
"But if you think of it..almost the whole class bullied him and one day he just disappeared..!"
"But I heard that he moved overseas", Vicky said and put the salad in a bowl.
"He did? How do you know??" John said and raised an eyebrow. 
"Ah-, well..I-I just heard it when some teachers were talking." She answered a bit nervous, and something was telling me that she was hiding something from us..
"Ah, Okay." Oscar said and smirked, and Vicky showed him a slightly smirk back. And then I thought I saw John glaring at them for a second. I don't know if I was imagine things of if he really was..I mean, I haven't seen him glaring at them like that before. He turned away quickly and went to turn off the stove, and then faced us again. "Well, lunch's ready!"

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 9

For a few minutes, we just stood there quiet as we were staring at our dead friends. But then Vicky broke the silence as she helplessly fell to the floor, crying. "N-no, this can't be happening..!" Oscar kneeled down next to her and tried to comfort her a little, and when he did that, John looked away annoyed.
Isabelle started to cry as well and looked away, not wanting to see her bleeding classmates. And I don't know if it was becuase they were sad as well or if they just didn't know what to say..but all the guys except for Oscar just stood there, either looking at the corpses or another way, trying to avoid eye contact with someone else. Maybe it was because I was still in shock..but I also just stood there, not crying, not even looking another way. I just stared at my dead classmates.

Just when Patricia was going to tell us to get som blankets or something to wrap up the bodies in, the lights suddenly went out.
"Hey, what's happening?! I Can't see!" John said and started to panic a little.
"Calm down..let's go down to the kitchen to get us some flashlights." Patricia said to us. We walked down and after wandering around looking for flashlights for about ten to fifteen minutes, we finally found some.
We went upstairs again with some blankets in our hands, but when we arrived, their bodies were gone. Instead, the murderer left us a message witten in blood-
"Even if you manage to remember me, it's already too late"

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 8

"I'm gonna go and see if Sophia is feeling any better." Lisanna said and stood up from the chair.
"I'll come with you, they told us to not go anywhere alone, right?" Wilma said and stood up as well.
"Haha, thanks." Lisanna answered and smirked. So the two of them went inside to check how Sophia was feeling.

Although, they didn't come back for 15 minutes so we became pretty worried.
"Hey..-" Vicky started and looked at all of us with a worried face and trembling voice. "W-what if the murderer took them..?! I mean, they've been gone for over 15 minutes already!"
"Agree. And Alice, Nichole, Amanda and Stacy have also been gone for a long time. They all went inside to go to the bathroom but they haven't come back for over a half an hour.." I said and looked at Vicky with a serious and worried face.
"Should we also go inside to see if everyone is okay..?" Martin said and looked at me. I didn't answer for a few seconds but then said- "Yeah, but we should bring a teacher with us. If we're many and have a teacher with us I don't think the murderer dare to come and attack us then."
"Hah, that's pretty smart even though it's coming from you.." Oscar said and grinned at me.
"Hey, what's that supposed to mean??"
"Haha, he's right. You are pretty stupid sometimes, Suzy!" Martin said and laughed a little.
"What? You meanie!" I answered back but laughed a little as well. We went over to the table where Anne, Patricia, Maud and Michael sat and were talking and told Patricia that our friends have been gone for a long time and asked her to come with us when we wanted to go inside and see what took them so long.

Although, Alice and the others weren't at the bathroom. They weren't on their room either. And neither Wilma, Lisanna or Sophia were in Sophia's and Lisanna's room. So we could only think about one thing.
We hurried to the empty room and as we opened it we saw all our friends in the room, dead. Sophia, Wilma, Lisanna, Nichole, Stacy, Amanda and Alice. Everyone was stabbed and they were all sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall like they were waiting for us to find them here.

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 7

Our teachers took Christine down from the tree and decided to put her in the same room as the others that's also dead.
Many of us were really worried that the murderer would come and kill someone again, so everyone that were still alive sat outside chatting with each others and laughing a little altough the atmosphere was very tense..

"I wonder where the murderer could be hiding.." I said to my friends that were sitting around the same table as me. "Yeah, I've also thought a little about it.." Vicky said and looked at me, "He couldn't be hiding inside the house could he?" "But where else could he be hiding? In the woods?" John said and looked at Vicky and raised an eyebrow. "But if he's inside, where? The class lives in every room upstairs except for the room that Christie was found in. And downstairs there's only the kitchen, the living room and the dining room. But if he's inside he has to be very good at hiding.." Vicky answered and looked at the house and then back at John. He just shrugged her shoulders and then leaned back in the chair.
"Well, you've got a point there..and if he's hiding inside Nelly, Yasmine or Celine should have found him when they were looking around for Christie." Mathew said and then let his face rest in his hands for a few seconds.
"Hey, why are the murderer after our class in the first place?" Oscar asked and looked at all of us. No one answered at first but then Wilma sighed and looked at him. "Maybe he's holding some kind of grudge against us, or something."
"I wonder if he wants to kill the whole class..or maybe he's just after a few of us?" Isabelle said and looked down at the table thinking about her own question.
"I wonder if he will manage to kill all of us that's still alive..if he wants to kill the whole class that is." Oscar said and looked at his phone to see is there was any signal, which it wasn't. We were still completely isolated from the world, and we won't be able to get home until tomorrow afternoon..if we don't want to swim the whole way that is.
We sat there quietly for some minutes, everyone thinking of their own matters.

"Hey Nichole, I have to go to the toilet.." Alice said to her friend and looked at her. "Yeah, me too actually", she answered and looked back at Alice. "Do we dare to go inside?"
"Can't you guys come with us as well?" Alice asked and looked at their two friends that were sitting at the same table.
"But I don't wanna go inside..!" Stacy said worriedly
"But I think I also have to go to the toilet..let's go with them Stacy." Amanda said and stood up.
"Okay.." She answered and stood up as well. I watched them go inside and mumbled quietly,
"Be careful".

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 6

When we woke up the next day the murderer has taken the lives of Robert, Antonio, Celine, Nelly and Yasmine during the night. Oscar was the first that saw them and when he was screaming all of us woke up and went out of our room to ask him what happened.
"Hey Oscar, what happened? Why are u screaming?!" Sophia asked as we saw him sitting on the floor in front of Robert and the others room. He looked on Sophia with tears in his eyes and whispered in a low and trembling voice.
"T-they're dead.." At first Sophia was just standing there, looking at him. But then she fell down to the floor unconscious.
"Ah, Sophia!" Lisanna said and ran up to her. "Hey, help me take her to our room", she said and looked at us. We put her in her bed to let her rest a while and walked out of the room again.
When we came out of the room, Patricia and Anne had locked their room and told us to stay calm because Nichole and Alice were panicking.
"Hey, try to stay calm a bit." Amanda said to Alice as she was almost hyperventilating.
"But..but, there's a murderer here! W-what if we also get killed!?" She said with a trembling voice. Amanda kept trying to get Alice calmer, and then Patricia whistled to get everyone's attention.
"You guys that's still dressed in pajamas have to get dressed now because we will be outside as much a possible since the murderer can be hiding inside. And whenever you have to go inside you absolutley can't go alone!"
"Kay..!" The class answered and half of it went to their rooms to get dressed.
I was the first one to get outside and after me Vicky came running. But as we got outside the door we saw something horrible.
We saw Christine hanging in the tree that's standing right in front of the house.
"Gaah, omg!" Vicky screamed and looked away terrified. I ran as fast as I could inside again and began to look for our teachers to tell them what happened.

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 5

When we came upstairs we saw the whole class standing outside the room where Christine was killed.
"Hey, look at this!" John said when we ran over to them.
"Everyone go back to your rooms, me and Anne will handle this.." Patricia said and then she and Anne walked in to the room as we others went back to our rooms. When Patricia and Anne walked in there the room was completely dark and there she was, leaning her back against the wall. There was still blood coming out of the wound in her stomach, although she had already stopped breathing..

"We have to call her parents and the police.." Anne said and looked at Patricia.
"Yeah, I go and call them." She answered and walked out of the room to make the calls. But after a few minutes she came back with a concerned face.
"Is something wrong?" Anne said as she looked at Patricia's expression.
"There's no signal..I can't contact them."
"So what do we do now?"
"I guess we can only wait then to contact them until we come home." Patricia said with a sigh. "But what should we do with Christine? We can't just leave her here.."
"We can get some blankets and wrap her up in them."
"Yeah, I'll go and get some." Patricia said and left the room again.
They wraped up Christine in some blankets and put her on the attic. When they had layed her down Anne stood up and looked around and the looked at Patricia.
"Am I the only one that feels like we're being watched..?" Anne asked and shrugged.
"Yeah, I feel like that too. Let's hurry down!" Patricia answered and walked towards the door. They made sure to lock after them and when they walked out, and after they came down from the attic they sat down outside again to watch when the sun goes down.

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 4

After we heard Yasmine scream she came outside running towards Robert and Antonio with tears in her eyes.
"Christie..s-s-she's.." She started and more tears were starting to run down her cheeks.
"Hey, what is it??" Robert said worried and confused.
"She's dead! She's been murdered by someone!" Yasmine shouted at Robert and Antonio and then she began to cry.
"She what?!" Antonio said and looked at Yasmine and then at Robert.
"DIDN'T YOU FUCKING HEAR ME!? SOMEONE HAS MURDERED HER! SHE'S STABBED AND BLEEDING AND SHE DOESN'T BREATH ANYMORE!! LOOK, LOOK HERE!" She screamed and was holding up her shaking hands that was covered in blood probably because she has touched Christine when they saw her.
"Where is she??" Patricia said and walked towards them as she heard Yasmine shouting that Christine was dead.
" the room that's in the end of the corridor, t-the room that no one is using." Yasmine answered and her voice was trembling. No one said anything, and all of us, even me, Wilma, Vicky, Isabelle, Sophia and Lisanna that where still sitting at the table where we had eaten dinner rusched inside to the place where Christine has been murdered.

Long Dark and Scary Corridor; corridor, dark, horror, Long, Romania, scary, the shinning

The haunted house - chapter 3

We arrived to the island about two hours later. The only house we saw was the house we're going to live in during this trip, and where else we looked we only saw trees..

"We're gonna live in this house??" Christine said and looked at the house and raised an eyebrow. "It looks like it's gonna fall apart any minute.."
"That's why it is a haunted house, Christie." Robert said and looked at the house and then at her, "A haunted house is old and creepy, not new and modern."
"Of course I know that, idiot.." She said annoyed by Robert's comment.

"Okay everyone!" Patricia said and tried to get everyone's attention. "The first thing we do is to choose a room, then we have to make some dinner. That's all, see ya guys soon", she said and then we went into the house. It was big and it looked pretty nice in there. On first floor there was a kitchen, a living room, a dining room and a bath room. On second floor there was a corridor with a lots of bedrooms. When we got upstairs we hurried to pick the best room, and we did manage to get the biggest one! I'm sharing room with Wilma, Vicky and Isabelle. After we picked our rooms we started to make dinner, we grilled some hamburgers and ate ouside since it was sunny. After dinner, some of us were still sitting outside when Celine came running towards us.
"Have you guys seen Christie?" She wondered and looked pretty worried.
"Nope, isn't she inside?" Robert answered and looked at her over his shoulder.
"No, she isn't. I've alreadly looked in our room, asked a few others that's inside too and looked around at the first floor, but I can't find her. Can't you guys help me find her??"
"Should we help her?" Robert asked the other fellows that were sitting at the same table as him. (and the other people was Antionio, Nelly and Yasmine)
"Yeah, she should be somewhere.." Yasmine said and stood up and the others did it as well. Nelly and Yasmine followed Celine to search inside while Robert and Antonio looked around outside.
Then suddenly we heard Yasmine screaming.
"Whoah, I wonder why she was screaming.." Robert said and looked at Antonio.
"Maybe Christie wasn't gone and had just hidden somewhere to scare Nelly and Yasmine", Antonio answered and grinned.

They were right about one thing, and that was that Yasmine screamed because she saw Christine. Although it was not because of the guess Antonio made, but..

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 2

Friday evening:

"Hey Suzy, hurry up!" My friend Wilma said as we were running towards the bus.
"Hey, take it easy! It's still 10 minutes until we'll go.." I answered.

When it was 4 o'clock our teacher Patricia would check so we didn't miss someone.
"Okay, soo..", she started. "Suzy, Eric, Amanda, John, Antonio, Christine, Lisanna, Celine, Alice, Yasmine..-
"Yasmine isn't here!" Robert shouted.
"She's late even though we're going to a trip like this..?" Patricia said sighing and then continued. "Martin, Oscar, Nichole, Nelly-
"Nelly isn't here either", Celine said.
"Okay then.." Patricia said and sighed again before she continued. "Wilma, Maud, Michael, Sophia, Mathew, Vicky, Robert, Emmet, Stacy and Isabelle..then we're only missing Yasmine and Nelly."
"We're here now!" We heard someone shouted outside the bus. It was Yasmine, she and Nelly stood out there with two really big bags.
"You two are late", Patricia said and looked irritated at Yasmine and Nelly.
"Yeah, we're sorry.." Nelly said but didn't look sorry at all and just smirked"
"Anyway, just get into the bus, we're going." Patricia said still a bit irritated.
"Okay", Nelly said and went into the bus followed by Yasmine.
And then we went to the haunted house..

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 1

Christopher has always been bullied in our class since two years back. Almost all the guys in our class calls him ugly idiot, nerd, go and die idiot, and many other stuff. They also punches ans kicks him, and no one in the class knows why they started to be like this towards him. I dunno if they know it themselves anymore.. But the worst things of all is that no one said anything to the guys that bullied him, even though the whole class was aware of it. That goes for me too. Whenether I saw them, I was going to tell them to stop, but then thoughts like "What if they start to punch and kick me too because I interfeared?" or "What if they starts to bully me?" popped up in my head. In the end, when I thought like that, I turned my back towards them and walked away like the coward I was.
Then a month ago, Christopher suddenly disappeared. He didn't come to school and his parents didn't know where he went either. And that's how it all started..

"Please be quiet and sit down on your chairs!" Our teacher Anne said to the people in our class that always walks around in the classrom. Our class is always noisy, and most of them never shut up. But right now, the class is even more noisy because we received a trip to an island and we get to live in a haunted house for three days. The techers wouldn't tell us who had sent it, they only said that this person gave us this trip and we're going this friday to sunday.
"Alright then!" Our other theacher Patricia said. "On friday we meet at the bus stop at 4 o'clock"
"Kay..!" The class said, and then we went and prepared for our next lesson.

To be continued..

Everything begins with a story

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