The haunted house - last chapter, part 2

"It's been 10 minutes since John left now.." Vicky said with a worried voice.
"Yeah, let's go upstairs!" Martin said and stood up from the sofa. But as soon as he did, we heard John scream.
"Ahh, why didn't he listen to me when I said that he should have went alone??" Martin said was about to run upstairs when Vicky stopped him. "If the murderer's there, shouldn't we have some kind of weapon to defend us with??"
"Yeah, you're right..let's get some knifes from the kitchen", he answered and then walked into the kitchen to get the knifes. When he came back he carried one and gave one to Vicky. "Here, I only found two. I'll take one and you take have one to protect both you and Suzy with." And then we walked up to John and Martin's room. But he wasn't in there so we walked out to the corridor and then Vicky whispered to me with a shaking voice and pointed towards the empty room. "S-Suzy, look..t-the door to that empty room is o-open.." I looked towards the direction where she was pointing and saw the door slightly open. Martin walked in front of us and looked at us with a serious face and talked with a low and slightly trembling voice. "Look. I'll go over there and look if John's in there. And while I do that I want you two to stay here. If I don't come out, I want you to run out into the forest or something and hide there until the ferry comes and gets you. Okay?"
"No, you can't go there! What if the murderer is still in there?! He'll kill you, it's too dangerous! Why can't you also run away and hide with us??" I said and grabbed his hand to make him stay.
"But what if John's still alive in there? We can't just leave him.." He answered shortly and made me let go of his hand, and then walked slowly towards the room. When he got there, he called John's name at the doorway with a low voice and he looked really scared..but he didn't back off. But suddenly a short guy came out and stabbed him in the stomach. Martin stumbled a few steps back, turned around to us and said with a low and trembling voice: ..Run, run away..!" And then he started to cough blood and collapsed on the floor.
", Martin! ..You bastard, you killed him..and you killed all my friends too!" Vicky shouted and started to run in rage towards the murderer that was only standing there, next to Martin with his knife in his hand.
"No, what are you doing Vicky!? Come back, we gotta get out of here!" I tried to stop her by running after her and trying to grab her arm or something but stopped as I didn't saw any mening in it when I realised that I couln't stop her. She was running towards the murderer and raised her hand that was holdning the knife.
Although, I couldn't see the murderer's whole face because he was wearing a black hoodie that was covering his eyes but I saw his smiling mouth and then I knew in an instant that he was going to kill Vicky, so I tried one last time to make her stop before she reached her goal, "Vicky come back! You don't stand a chance against him..!" But she didn't listen to me, it was more like she didn't hear me. She only saw the murderer and wanted to take revenge on him. But as I thought, she didn't even come near him before he stabbed her. She stood there for a few sceonds with the knife straight in her heart, and when the murderer took the knife out she fell to the floor, lifeless.
"I'm sorry my dear Vicky.." He whispered and then he looked up at me. I stood there, looking back at him in fear, unable to move.
"W-who are you..? Why did you kill everyone??" I managed to say. He was smiling a creepy smile and took off his hood and I recognized him immediately.
"No way...C-Christopher?"
"Heh, I'm glad you recognized me because none of the others did. This class sure is pretty rotten, don't you also think so..Suzy?" He said with an evil grin on his face.
"Why did you do this?" I asked and my voice was shaking and I almost couldn't hear what I said myself. He laughed a bit and then looked at me straight in the eyes. "Well, isn't that obvious? This whole class ignored or bullied me! I didn't even do them anything, so why!?" He shouted and then took a few steps forward. "I wanted revenge, and now I've got it. It's only you left now.." He took another step forward. I wanted to run away, but my legs didn't move. He took a step, and then another, but then he changed his expression from grinning to a pretty sad look. "Tell me Suzy..why didn't you help me? I saw countless of times that you were about to tell them to stop bullying me, but in the end, you always chickened out."
I was going to apologize for not helping him in the past but before I even opened my mouth he started to run towards me, with that grin on his face again, still looking at me in the eyes and before I even knew it, eveything became black.

The end


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