The haunted house - Last chapter, part 1

We woke up about 10 o'clock and during the night, a few more people have fallen victims for the murderer.
Isabelle, Maud, Michael, Eric, Emmet, Mathew and our teachers wasn't in their rooms, so we went to that empty room and discovered them in there, all stabbed in the stomach.
We were only four left now.

Later on we decided to go out for a bit, but we discovered something more horrible outside. That tree right in front of the house, where Christine was hanged..all of our classmates bodies was hanging in that tree or sitting on the ground, leaning against it. We became terrified by the sight of it and went straight inside again, not wanting to see that ever again..
We only made some sandwiches to eat, since none of us wanted to start cooking something. We weren't in the mood for that, so we only sat in the living room for the meanwhile, some of us playing games on our cellphones. I was thinking about Isabelle. "Why did he kill her, but not me or Vicky, and we all share the same room.." Once again, my thoughts were interupted. But this time by John: "I still wonder who the killer is.."
"Yeah, and I'm also concerned by that message he wrote after he killed Oscar." Vicky filled in.
"Hmm..maybe he has a crush on you?" Martin said with a teasing voice. Vicky gave him a slightly glare. "The murderer has a crush on me? You must be joking.."
"But that makes some kinda sense if you think about the message he wrote- Someone like him doesn't deserve her. Maybe the murderer meant that Oscar doesn't deserve you after what he said and then he killed him." John said and ended the sentence with a low voice, like he was guilty about what happened between Vicky and Oscar.
"By the way Suzy, when will the ferry come and get us?" Martin asked and looked at me.
"I think it was at 2 o'clock.."
"And now the time is..?" He asked. I looked at the time on my cell and then looked up at Martin. "It's half past one."
"It's only a half an hour, maybe we'll make it away from this island alive!" Martin said which made us get our hopes up.
"Hey, did everyone finish packing their stuff yesterday? In that case, let's start watching a movie on the iPad. I'll go and get it!" John said and stood up and Martin did as well. "Are you going to get it all by yourself? I'll go with you." John just waved his hand at him. "Haha, no it's okay. I'll be fine.." And with that, he left the room and went upstairs all by himself..

To be continued..


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