The haunted house - chapter 13

We went outside again to the others, all with a very sad look. When Martin saw us he went over to us and looked at us with concern. "Hey, what about Oscar?? Don't tell me he's actually.." I just nodded. We all went over to the tables and sat down in depression. "How many have died?" I thought and began counting all my dead classmates that's been killed. But I soon realized that it's easier to count the ones that's still alive since more is dead than alive. "'s me, Vicky, Isabelle, Maud, Michael, Martin, John, Mathew, Eric, Emmet and both our teachers..what, we're only 12 people left?!" I didn't have more time to think about that because Anne came and sat down at the table, bringing up a subject that interupted my thoughts. "Guys, why don't we think of something more fun? Like all the fun things we've done in the class." Everyone else gathered around the tables and we began talking about various things we've done.
"I remember last years baseball tournament, we all became so pissed off when our seniors lost against us but then suddenly they said that they had won because the judges made a mistake! And then we didn't made it to the finals.." Michael said and pouted.
"Oh yeah..but we were placed third at least", Maud said and smirked at him. Martin suddenly started to wave with his hand like he was about to say something but when he opened his mouth he just started laughing. "Camp..sauce..!"
"Ahh, at the camp in the autumn when Eric had that hot sauce with him and you guys tricked us to try it!" I said and then looked at Eric, he just nodded and he and Emmet grinned for themselves. 
"That was really fun, you all got totally red in the face!" John said and smiked while he made a gesture like he usually does when he talks.

"Ahh, I'm staring to get pretty hungry..when do we eat?" Maud said and looked at the teachers. Anne stood up and streched a bit. "We can start now if you want"
"Yeah, I'm starting to get hungry too", Vicky said and also began to strech a bit.
"Then let's make some hamburgers that we have left", Patricia said and stood up. "I'll go and get some, Anne, can you please help me?"

After dinner we watched a movie that John brought with him in the livingroom, it was called Paranormal Activity. It was a pretty creepy movie, and after it ended everyone went up to their rooms to pack their stuff and get some rest. But, without knowing what was waiting for them tomorrow..

To be continued..


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