The haunted house - chapter 12, part 2

When Vicky went upstairs Isabelle and I walked outside to the others. We both looked at Oscar when we came outside and saw him talking to the other guys. It looked like he wasn't affected by what had just happened. Both of us glared at him, but he didn't seem to notice us though.

We sat down at the table next to his and observed him. After about ten minutes both Isabelle and I couldn't stand seeing him sitting there, laughing with the others still pretending like nothing had happened between him and Vicky.
"Hey Oscar, aren't you gonna talk to Vicky? She's pretty heartbroken from what you just did." I said and raised and eyebrow at him. He just looked at me with a slightly nervous sight.
"O-okay, I go and talk to her.." He answered and looked a bit ashamed. He walked inside towards the room Vicky was resting in and we all looked stood there for a minute in silence.
"I hope Vicky will be alright." Isabelle said quietly.
"Did something happen between them?" Michael asked us as he sat down next to Isabelle.
"Sorry, but it's none of yur business" I answered a bit coldly. I didn't want anyone to butt in since this is something pretty private between only Vicky and Oscar. The ones that are out of this also have to stay out of it.

Anne walked over to us and held a bat in her hands "What do you guys say..should we play some baseball instead of sitting here, looking gloomy?"
"Yeah, sure!" The guys answered and stood up. Anne looked at us. "What about you girls?" Maud also stood up and aswered 'yes' happily but Isabelle and I wasn't sure since we were worried about Vicky. But it didn't really help much if we just sat there and waited for them so in the end we went along too.

I suck at baseball. I'm never able to get a good swing..but I guess it worked out somehow. Our team won after all. We played a few more games, and after about three quarters Vicky came outside so Isabelle and I walked over to her.
"How do you feel? Did you guys sorted things out?" Isabelle asked.
"Is Oscar still inside?" I asked right after.
"Huh? He isn't here?" Vicky looked at me in surprise by my question. I just shook my head.
"But that's weird..we were done talking after just a half an hour then I thought he walked outside again while I stayed in my room for a bit longer.." She said and sounded a bit worried.
"Hey, do you guys think.." Isabelle started, but she didn't finish the sentence.
"Come on, let's tell the teacher!" I said and ran over to Anne and Patricia. "We have to go inside for a bit, Oscar's missing..Vicky said that he left her room before her, but he hasn't come out yet!" I said worriedly.
"Maybe he's in the bathroom..calm down a bit." Martin said and rised an eyebrow at me.
"Do you sit on the toilet for 15 minutes??" I answered back.
"Maybe not.."
"The room is locked so I follow you inside since I have the key." Anne said and then me, Isabelle and Vicky went upstairs towards the empty room, hoping that we won't find Oscar in there.
But unfortunately we did.

He was leaning against the wall just like Sophia and the others have done, stabbed in the stomach. But the message on the wall has been rewritten. Instead the message said-
"Someone like him doesn't deserve her"

To be continued..


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