The love triangle - chapter 3

"Natalie, don't you think that new guy is pretty hot??" Emeline said a bit excited and looked at me smiling while she took a bite of the sandwich.

"Nope, not a bit." I answered and took a bite of mine as well while looking in another direction in the classroom to show her I wasn't really interested.

"Waah! That's so cold!" She blurted out with a dissapointed face and then looked over her shoulder to see the new guy that sat at the other end of the classroom, surrounded by people, both guys and girls. "He's quite popular..although I can understand why, he has the looks and he's kind..and I really love that smile of his!"

"The smile, huh.." I mumbled for myself and recalled the smile he showed me this morning and then the attitude he had towards me last saturday.

"The smile he has on his lips is surely fake. There's no way a person can smile that much as he's done from the morning to lunchbreak..but why does he fake it?" I thought and then finished my lunch.



I was laying on my bed reading the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy when I heard mom shouting to me from the kitchen downstairs.
"Natalie, can you please go to the grocery store? We've run out of milk and I'm in the middle of cooking the dinner right now..!"
"But I was just
about to do my homework!" I shouted back although it was a lie. I wasn't going to start with it until after dinner. I flipped the page as I heard her shouting again. ”But the grocery store is only ten minutes from here, I'm sure you have some time over!” I just sighed and got out of my bed. I walked down the staircase and towards the front door. I put my shoes on and opened the door.
“I'll get going then..!” I shouted to my busy mom that stood next to the stove.
“Thank you, Natalie!”

Because it was almost closing time, I was alone inside the supermarket, or so I tought. I grabbed two packages of milk from the dairy sector and then I stopped by the snacks, looking if there was anything worth buying that could satisfy my desire for something sweet.
My eyes caught a lonely, pink box which contained doughnuts with strawberry glaze. I immediately decided to buy it, but the thing is that it was standing on the top shelf, which is unreachable for me. I stood on my toes and reached my hand for the pink box, but it was futile.
Suddenly someone else grabbed the box I had set my eyes on and a man said with a gentle voice-
"Is this what you wanted?" I stood there for a second, surprised by the persons appearence.
"Ah.." I started as I came to my senses again and turned around to face the man "..thank you for helping m-", but before I had the chance to finish the sentence I saw who this man was. It was none other than..

To be continued..


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