The haunted house - chapter 9

For a few minutes, we just stood there quiet as we were staring at our dead friends. But then Vicky broke the silence as she helplessly fell to the floor, crying. "N-no, this can't be happening..!" Oscar kneeled down next to her and tried to comfort her a little, and when he did that, John looked away annoyed.
Isabelle started to cry as well and looked away, not wanting to see her bleeding classmates. And I don't know if it was becuase they were sad as well or if they just didn't know what to say..but all the guys except for Oscar just stood there, either looking at the corpses or another way, trying to avoid eye contact with someone else. Maybe it was because I was still in shock..but I also just stood there, not crying, not even looking another way. I just stared at my dead classmates.

Just when Patricia was going to tell us to get som blankets or something to wrap up the bodies in, the lights suddenly went out.
"Hey, what's happening?! I Can't see!" John said and started to panic a little.
"Calm down..let's go down to the kitchen to get us some flashlights." Patricia said to us. We walked down and after wandering around looking for flashlights for about ten to fifteen minutes, we finally found some.
We went upstairs again with some blankets in our hands, but when we arrived, their bodies were gone. Instead, the murderer left us a message witten in blood-
"Even if you manage to remember me, it's already too late"

To be continued..


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