The haunted house - chapter 8

"I'm gonna go and see if Sophia is feeling any better." Lisanna said and stood up from the chair.
"I'll come with you, they told us to not go anywhere alone, right?" Wilma said and stood up as well.
"Haha, thanks." Lisanna answered and smirked. So the two of them went inside to check how Sophia was feeling.

Although, they didn't come back for 15 minutes so we became pretty worried.
"Hey..-" Vicky started and looked at all of us with a worried face and trembling voice. "W-what if the murderer took them..?! I mean, they've been gone for over 15 minutes already!"
"Agree. And Alice, Nichole, Amanda and Stacy have also been gone for a long time. They all went inside to go to the bathroom but they haven't come back for over a half an hour.." I said and looked at Vicky with a serious and worried face.
"Should we also go inside to see if everyone is okay..?" Martin said and looked at me. I didn't answer for a few seconds but then said- "Yeah, but we should bring a teacher with us. If we're many and have a teacher with us I don't think the murderer dare to come and attack us then."
"Hah, that's pretty smart even though it's coming from you.." Oscar said and grinned at me.
"Hey, what's that supposed to mean??"
"Haha, he's right. You are pretty stupid sometimes, Suzy!" Martin said and laughed a little.
"What? You meanie!" I answered back but laughed a little as well. We went over to the table where Anne, Patricia, Maud and Michael sat and were talking and told Patricia that our friends have been gone for a long time and asked her to come with us when we wanted to go inside and see what took them so long.

Although, Alice and the others weren't at the bathroom. They weren't on their room either. And neither Wilma, Lisanna or Sophia were in Sophia's and Lisanna's room. So we could only think about one thing.
We hurried to the empty room and as we opened it we saw all our friends in the room, dead. Sophia, Wilma, Lisanna, Nichole, Stacy, Amanda and Alice. Everyone was stabbed and they were all sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall like they were waiting for us to find them here.

To be continued..


Är det någon i denna berättelse som är kär i någon? Jättebra skrivet!

Svar: Tjaa, det kan man väl säga :) Det kommer dock inte vara så mycket romantik, men lite kommer att visas i berättelsen x)

2013-01-10 @ 21:43:37

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