The haunted house - chapter 7

Our teachers took Christine down from the tree and decided to put her in the same room as the others that's also dead.
Many of us were really worried that the murderer would come and kill someone again, so everyone that were still alive sat outside chatting with each others and laughing a little altough the atmosphere was very tense..

"I wonder where the murderer could be hiding.." I said to my friends that were sitting around the same table as me. "Yeah, I've also thought a little about it.." Vicky said and looked at me, "He couldn't be hiding inside the house could he?" "But where else could he be hiding? In the woods?" John said and looked at Vicky and raised an eyebrow. "But if he's inside, where? The class lives in every room upstairs except for the room that Christie was found in. And downstairs there's only the kitchen, the living room and the dining room. But if he's inside he has to be very good at hiding.." Vicky answered and looked at the house and then back at John. He just shrugged her shoulders and then leaned back in the chair.
"Well, you've got a point there..and if he's hiding inside Nelly, Yasmine or Celine should have found him when they were looking around for Christie." Mathew said and then let his face rest in his hands for a few seconds.
"Hey, why are the murderer after our class in the first place?" Oscar asked and looked at all of us. No one answered at first but then Wilma sighed and looked at him. "Maybe he's holding some kind of grudge against us, or something."
"I wonder if he wants to kill the whole class..or maybe he's just after a few of us?" Isabelle said and looked down at the table thinking about her own question.
"I wonder if he will manage to kill all of us that's still alive..if he wants to kill the whole class that is." Oscar said and looked at his phone to see is there was any signal, which it wasn't. We were still completely isolated from the world, and we won't be able to get home until tomorrow afternoon..if we don't want to swim the whole way that is.
We sat there quietly for some minutes, everyone thinking of their own matters.

"Hey Nichole, I have to go to the toilet.." Alice said to her friend and looked at her. "Yeah, me too actually", she answered and looked back at Alice. "Do we dare to go inside?"
"Can't you guys come with us as well?" Alice asked and looked at their two friends that were sitting at the same table.
"But I don't wanna go inside..!" Stacy said worriedly
"But I think I also have to go to the toilet..let's go with them Stacy." Amanda said and stood up.
"Okay.." She answered and stood up as well. I watched them go inside and mumbled quietly,
"Be careful".

To be continued..


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