The haunted house - chapter 12, part 1

The three of us just stood there in the doorway to the kitchen, all very shocked.
Vicky took a step forward and looked at Oscar with tears in her eyes. " that true? You love John?..?" She said with a slightly trembling voice.
Oscar and John jumped in surprise as they finally noticed us.
"V-Vicky?! You heard??" Oscar said in surprise.
"Y-yeah, we heard everything..why did you hide the fact that you love someone else from me??" She asked and tears began to fall down her cheeks.
"I'm sorry..." He answered and then walked past us and went outside. John started to walk towards the dorrway, when he walked past Vicky he stopped for a moment and looked at her with pity. "I'm sorry Vicky, I should've said something too.."

When they were both gone Vicky began to cry more and Isabelle and I tried to comfort her a little. Although, I don't think it helped that much since she just lost her first love.
"It will get better..he wasn't much to have either since he kinda cheated on you." Isabelle said and hugged her.
While Isabelle tried to comfort Vicky a little more, I took everyone's dishes and put them on the sink.
"Should we go outside again? Or do you wanna rest for a while inside?" I asked Vicky. She looked up from her palms and wiped away her tears. "I think I wanna be alone in our room for a while."
"Alone? No, what about the murderer?" I answered and raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah, if you're alone in your room he'll definately come after you! It's like you're screaming to him that you want him to kill you if you're gonna be alone here inside." Isabelle said and looked at Vicky with a serious face.
"I'll be okay, if I lock the door the murderer can't get into our room and then he won't be able to murder me..right?" Vicky answered and tried to force a little smile as she stood up. We couldn't really force her to go back outside and she didn't want any of the two of us to stay with her, so we let her go. Hopefully, the murderer won't take her..

To be continued..


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