The haunted house - chapter 10

Vicky, Oscar, John, Martin and I were helping Patricia with the lunch while the others were talking outside.
"Hey..I wonder what that message meant", John said as he broke the silence that was resting over the whole kitchen. After we saw the message earlier we went straight back down to the others and told them what we had witnessed. Everyone became quite as shocked as we were before and everyone started to discuss it.

"Even if you manage to remember me, it's already too late, it said.." Martin mumbled to himself.
"So that means..the whole class knew the murderer but we've forgotten him." I said and grabbed a tomato and started to cut it up for the salad.
"Yeah..but who could it be that our whole class have forgotten?? And we must of done something more towards him than just forgotten him since he wants to kill all of us." Vicky said as she also grabbed a tomato.
"Yeah, you're right.." Martin answered which led to another awful silence. We all worked with our own stuffs, cooking the food, cutting up the salad..when Oscar broke the silence with the question that made all of us very confused.
"I was thinking..could the murderer possibly be Christopher..?"
"What?!" Everyone blurted out at the same time. " can't be him can it??" I thought and just finished cutting up all the vegtables.
"But if you think of it..almost the whole class bullied him and one day he just disappeared..!"
"But I heard that he moved overseas", Vicky said and put the salad in a bowl.
"He did? How do you know??" John said and raised an eyebrow. 
"Ah-, well..I-I just heard it when some teachers were talking." She answered a bit nervous, and something was telling me that she was hiding something from us..
"Ah, Okay." Oscar said and smirked, and Vicky showed him a slightly smirk back. And then I thought I saw John glaring at them for a second. I don't know if I was imagine things of if he really was..I mean, I haven't seen him glaring at them like that before. He turned away quickly and went to turn off the stove, and then faced us again. "Well, lunch's ready!"

To be continued..


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