The haunted house - chapter 12, part 1

The three of us just stood there in the doorway to the kitchen, all very shocked.
Vicky took a step forward and looked at Oscar with tears in her eyes. " that true? You love John?..?" She said with a slightly trembling voice.
Oscar and John jumped in surprise as they finally noticed us.
"V-Vicky?! You heard??" Oscar said in surprise.
"Y-yeah, we heard everything..why did you hide the fact that you love someone else from me??" She asked and tears began to fall down her cheeks.
"I'm sorry..." He answered and then walked past us and went outside. John started to walk towards the dorrway, when he walked past Vicky he stopped for a moment and looked at her with pity. "I'm sorry Vicky, I should've said something too.."

When they were both gone Vicky began to cry more and Isabelle and I tried to comfort her a little. Although, I don't think it helped that much since she just lost her first love.
"It will get better..he wasn't much to have either since he kinda cheated on you." Isabelle said and hugged her.
While Isabelle tried to comfort Vicky a little more, I took everyone's dishes and put them on the sink.
"Should we go outside again? Or do you wanna rest for a while inside?" I asked Vicky. She looked up from her palms and wiped away her tears. "I think I wanna be alone in our room for a while."
"Alone? No, what about the murderer?" I answered and raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah, if you're alone in your room he'll definately come after you! It's like you're screaming to him that you want him to kill you if you're gonna be alone here inside." Isabelle said and looked at Vicky with a serious face.
"I'll be okay, if I lock the door the murderer can't get into our room and then he won't be able to murder me..right?" Vicky answered and tried to force a little smile as she stood up. We couldn't really force her to go back outside and she didn't want any of the two of us to stay with her, so we let her go. Hopefully, the murderer won't take her..

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 11

While we were eating our lunch we talked and joked a bit more than we did earlier and the air wasn't as tense as before.
Me and Isabelle were talking a bit when Isabelle started to observe Vicky and Oscar. "Hey Suzy, don't they look really cute together?" I turned away my face from Isabelle and started to observe the cute couple as well. "Yeah, they do. They've been going out for a pretty long time now, haven't they?" I answered and smirked. But as I was watching them I saw it again. John that sat next to them was glaring at them. But this time it wasn't only me who saw it, Isabelle saw it as well.
When John looked away with an irritated face Isabelle leaned closer to me and whispered- "Hey, suzy.."
"I Know. And it's not the first time either, I saw him glaring at them when we were cooking too." I whispered back and then gave a glance at John for a second.
"I wonder you think he's jealous?"
"What?" I looked at her surprised. That was a thought that had never occurred in my head.
"Yeah, maybe he likes Vicky too." She answered shortly and also glanced at John and then looked back at me. I looked back at Isabelle as I were thinking of what she just have told me. Well, it does makes some kind of sense since he's been glaring at them so much. And when I think of it, his eyes were always filled with something that looked a bit like jealousy when he was looking at them.

"Well, I'm done." Oscar said and stood up from his chair. Then John stood up as well and grabbed his plate. "I'm done as well. Let's go inside with our dishes" He said and looked at Oscar and then began to walk towards the door. Oscar grabbed his plate as well and followed him inside.
Both me and Vicky had some food left on our plates so Isabelle waited for us to be done before she also put away her plate. After we were done we all went inside as well.
But when we came inside we saw Oscar and John standing there, just looking at each other. They seemed to be fighting but none of them said anyting. Neither did they notice us.
Then John opened his mouth- "Why?? Didn't you say that you would break up with her?"
"Yeah, and I will too." Oscar answered and stared at John.
"Well, it doesn't seems like that. And you two seems to have become pretty close too."
"Yeah but.." Oscar started, not really knowing what to answer.
"But what? I thought you said that it was me who you loved..!" John blurted out and raised his fist up in the air in anger and annoyance.
"I do! But I love Vicky too, and you know that.." Oscar said with a quiet voice.
And at the second he said that Isabelle and I looked at each other both very shocked. But the most shocked one was Vicky who just witnessed her boyfriend telling another person that he loves him.

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 10

Vicky, Oscar, John, Martin and I were helping Patricia with the lunch while the others were talking outside.
"Hey..I wonder what that message meant", John said as he broke the silence that was resting over the whole kitchen. After we saw the message earlier we went straight back down to the others and told them what we had witnessed. Everyone became quite as shocked as we were before and everyone started to discuss it.

"Even if you manage to remember me, it's already too late, it said.." Martin mumbled to himself.
"So that means..the whole class knew the murderer but we've forgotten him." I said and grabbed a tomato and started to cut it up for the salad.
"Yeah..but who could it be that our whole class have forgotten?? And we must of done something more towards him than just forgotten him since he wants to kill all of us." Vicky said as she also grabbed a tomato.
"Yeah, you're right.." Martin answered which led to another awful silence. We all worked with our own stuffs, cooking the food, cutting up the salad..when Oscar broke the silence with the question that made all of us very confused.
"I was thinking..could the murderer possibly be Christopher..?"
"What?!" Everyone blurted out at the same time. " can't be him can it??" I thought and just finished cutting up all the vegtables.
"But if you think of it..almost the whole class bullied him and one day he just disappeared..!"
"But I heard that he moved overseas", Vicky said and put the salad in a bowl.
"He did? How do you know??" John said and raised an eyebrow. 
"Ah-, well..I-I just heard it when some teachers were talking." She answered a bit nervous, and something was telling me that she was hiding something from us..
"Ah, Okay." Oscar said and smirked, and Vicky showed him a slightly smirk back. And then I thought I saw John glaring at them for a second. I don't know if I was imagine things of if he really was..I mean, I haven't seen him glaring at them like that before. He turned away quickly and went to turn off the stove, and then faced us again. "Well, lunch's ready!"

To be continued..

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