The love triangle - chapter 1

I woke up when the alarm started to ring.
"Ahh shut up, it's saturday today!" I shouted and switched off the alarm. I was just about to fall asleep again when I remembered that I promised my best friend Emeline that I'd go shopping with her today. I jumped out of the bed, took a quick shower and got dressed.

"Em!" I shouted as I saw my friend waiting for me at the busstation.
"Ah, there you are! I thought you weren't coming, although you promised.."
"I kinda overslept" I said and laughed akwardly. The bus arrived a few minutes later and then we headed off towards central.

"Yay, let's go shopping!" Emeline said happily as she got off the bus when we arrived in downtown. She loves to look for clothes and cute stuff in different stores while I rather go and look for some new CD releases by rock bands. We're quite the opposite but we're still so close. I've known her since elementary school and now we're in high school.

We usually went to Starbucks before going shopping but this time Emeline wanted to go to Victoria's Secret because there was sale on all the perfumes, and she had wanted to by one before, but she didn't because it was too expensive. And if Emeline thinks it's expensive, then it must be really expensive!
When we got there, it was really crowded and I just wanted to run outside instead of being squeezed in here. But I waited for her inside that huge crowd until she got a hold of that perfume. She bought it and when we walked out of there she was overjoyed by the purchase she just made.
"Look, Natalie! I got this for the half of its price..!" She said and hold up her bag in the air.
After that we went to Starbucks, but she said that we didn't have time to sit there so we had to buy coffee and take it with us because there was another sale on a clothes store..
But that time I waited outside because I didn't want to get squeezed in that crowd again. I stood outside the shop and drank my coffee when a group of girls where running towards the shop and somehow didn't see me and one of them bumped into me which led to that I accidentally bumped into a guy that was passing by.
"I'm sorry, sir!" I said and when I looked at him it felt like my heart skipped a beat. He seemed to be in my age, he had brown eyes, his hair was blonde and pretty messy, and he had a birthmark below his left eye. He was pretty tall too..and kind of hot.. I observed him a bit more and noticed a bruise on his left cheek. I wonder if he was punched by someone?
"Hey, watch we're you're going you chick!" He said arrogantly with a irish accent and then continued to walk down the street. I just stood there, stunned by his attitude. "What the hell was that?!" I though and became quite pissed off. I was cursing him in my mind when Emeline came out, done shopping.
"Let's go Natalie! You said you wanted to check if some rock band has released their new single, right?" She said and smiled at me.
"Yeah, let's go." I answered and smiled back. I shot a last glance in the direction where that guy walked and saw him turn around the corner before I went to the CD shop with my friend.

To be continued..


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