The haunted house - chapter 2

Friday evening:

"Hey Suzy, hurry up!" My friend Wilma said as we were running towards the bus.
"Hey, take it easy! It's still 10 minutes until we'll go.." I answered.

When it was 4 o'clock our teacher Patricia would check so we didn't miss someone.
"Okay, soo..", she started. "Suzy, Eric, Amanda, John, Antonio, Christine, Lisanna, Celine, Alice, Yasmine..-
"Yasmine isn't here!" Robert shouted.
"She's late even though we're going to a trip like this..?" Patricia said sighing and then continued. "Martin, Oscar, Nichole, Nelly-
"Nelly isn't here either", Celine said.
"Okay then.." Patricia said and sighed again before she continued. "Wilma, Maud, Michael, Sophia, Mathew, Vicky, Robert, Emmet, Stacy and Isabelle..then we're only missing Yasmine and Nelly."
"We're here now!" We heard someone shouted outside the bus. It was Yasmine, she and Nelly stood out there with two really big bags.
"You two are late", Patricia said and looked irritated at Yasmine and Nelly.
"Yeah, we're sorry.." Nelly said but didn't look sorry at all and just smirked"
"Anyway, just get into the bus, we're going." Patricia said still a bit irritated.
"Okay", Nelly said and went into the bus followed by Yasmine.
And then we went to the haunted house..

To be continued..


wow du är fantastisk!!

2012-12-13 @ 19:55:47

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