The haunted house - chapter 6

When we woke up the next day the murderer has taken the lives of Robert, Antonio, Celine, Nelly and Yasmine during the night. Oscar was the first that saw them and when he was screaming all of us woke up and went out of our room to ask him what happened.
"Hey Oscar, what happened? Why are u screaming?!" Sophia asked as we saw him sitting on the floor in front of Robert and the others room. He looked on Sophia with tears in his eyes and whispered in a low and trembling voice.
"T-they're dead.." At first Sophia was just standing there, looking at him. But then she fell down to the floor unconscious.
"Ah, Sophia!" Lisanna said and ran up to her. "Hey, help me take her to our room", she said and looked at us. We put her in her bed to let her rest a while and walked out of the room again.
When we came out of the room, Patricia and Anne had locked their room and told us to stay calm because Nichole and Alice were panicking.
"Hey, try to stay calm a bit." Amanda said to Alice as she was almost hyperventilating.
"But..but, there's a murderer here! W-what if we also get killed!?" She said with a trembling voice. Amanda kept trying to get Alice calmer, and then Patricia whistled to get everyone's attention.
"You guys that's still dressed in pajamas have to get dressed now because we will be outside as much a possible since the murderer can be hiding inside. And whenever you have to go inside you absolutley can't go alone!"
"Kay..!" The class answered and half of it went to their rooms to get dressed.
I was the first one to get outside and after me Vicky came running. But as we got outside the door we saw something horrible.
We saw Christine hanging in the tree that's standing right in front of the house.
"Gaah, omg!" Vicky screamed and looked away terrified. I ran as fast as I could inside again and began to look for our teachers to tell them what happened.

To be continued..


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