The haunted house - chapter 5

When we came upstairs we saw the whole class standing outside the room where Christine was killed.
"Hey, look at this!" John said when we ran over to them.
"Everyone go back to your rooms, me and Anne will handle this.." Patricia said and then she and Anne walked in to the room as we others went back to our rooms. When Patricia and Anne walked in there the room was completely dark and there she was, leaning her back against the wall. There was still blood coming out of the wound in her stomach, although she had already stopped breathing..

"We have to call her parents and the police.." Anne said and looked at Patricia.
"Yeah, I go and call them." She answered and walked out of the room to make the calls. But after a few minutes she came back with a concerned face.
"Is something wrong?" Anne said as she looked at Patricia's expression.
"There's no signal..I can't contact them."
"So what do we do now?"
"I guess we can only wait then to contact them until we come home." Patricia said with a sigh. "But what should we do with Christine? We can't just leave her here.."
"We can get some blankets and wrap her up in them."
"Yeah, I'll go and get some." Patricia said and left the room again.
They wraped up Christine in some blankets and put her on the attic. When they had layed her down Anne stood up and looked around and the looked at Patricia.
"Am I the only one that feels like we're being watched..?" Anne asked and shrugged.
"Yeah, I feel like that too. Let's hurry down!" Patricia answered and walked towards the door. They made sure to lock after them and when they walked out, and after they came down from the attic they sat down outside again to watch when the sun goes down.

To be continued..

Frida B

Well, that was creepy! Have the feeling of being watched :(
I got goosebumps ^^

Svar: I'm happy u liked it ^^
Sachiko ♥

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