The haunted house - chapter 4

After we heard Yasmine scream she came outside running towards Robert and Antonio with tears in her eyes.
"Christie..s-s-she's.." She started and more tears were starting to run down her cheeks.
"Hey, what is it??" Robert said worried and confused.
"She's dead! She's been murdered by someone!" Yasmine shouted at Robert and Antonio and then she began to cry.
"She what?!" Antonio said and looked at Yasmine and then at Robert.
"DIDN'T YOU FUCKING HEAR ME!? SOMEONE HAS MURDERED HER! SHE'S STABBED AND BLEEDING AND SHE DOESN'T BREATH ANYMORE!! LOOK, LOOK HERE!" She screamed and was holding up her shaking hands that was covered in blood probably because she has touched Christine when they saw her.
"Where is she??" Patricia said and walked towards them as she heard Yasmine shouting that Christine was dead.
" the room that's in the end of the corridor, t-the room that no one is using." Yasmine answered and her voice was trembling. No one said anything, and all of us, even me, Wilma, Vicky, Isabelle, Sophia and Lisanna that where still sitting at the table where we had eaten dinner rusched inside to the place where Christine has been murdered.

Long Dark and Scary Corridor; corridor, dark, horror, Long, Romania, scary, the shinning


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