The haunted house - chapter 3

We arrived to the island about two hours later. The only house we saw was the house we're going to live in during this trip, and where else we looked we only saw trees..

"We're gonna live in this house??" Christine said and looked at the house and raised an eyebrow. "It looks like it's gonna fall apart any minute.."
"That's why it is a haunted house, Christie." Robert said and looked at the house and then at her, "A haunted house is old and creepy, not new and modern."
"Of course I know that, idiot.." She said annoyed by Robert's comment.

"Okay everyone!" Patricia said and tried to get everyone's attention. "The first thing we do is to choose a room, then we have to make some dinner. That's all, see ya guys soon", she said and then we went into the house. It was big and it looked pretty nice in there. On first floor there was a kitchen, a living room, a dining room and a bath room. On second floor there was a corridor with a lots of bedrooms. When we got upstairs we hurried to pick the best room, and we did manage to get the biggest one! I'm sharing room with Wilma, Vicky and Isabelle. After we picked our rooms we started to make dinner, we grilled some hamburgers and ate ouside since it was sunny. After dinner, some of us were still sitting outside when Celine came running towards us.
"Have you guys seen Christie?" She wondered and looked pretty worried.
"Nope, isn't she inside?" Robert answered and looked at her over his shoulder.
"No, she isn't. I've alreadly looked in our room, asked a few others that's inside too and looked around at the first floor, but I can't find her. Can't you guys help me find her??"
"Should we help her?" Robert asked the other fellows that were sitting at the same table as him. (and the other people was Antionio, Nelly and Yasmine)
"Yeah, she should be somewhere.." Yasmine said and stood up and the others did it as well. Nelly and Yasmine followed Celine to search inside while Robert and Antonio looked around outside.
Then suddenly we heard Yasmine screaming.
"Whoah, I wonder why she was screaming.." Robert said and looked at Antonio.
"Maybe Christie wasn't gone and had just hidden somewhere to scare Nelly and Yasmine", Antonio answered and grinned.

They were right about one thing, and that was that Yasmine screamed because she saw Christine. Although it was not because of the guess Antonio made, but..

To be continued..

Ida - Tanneryttarna

Åh, asså gud vad coolt att du skriver dessa berättelser! :D jag tycker att dom är super :D

Kan du inte göra en lista på svenska-engelska namnen? :) asså menar Vilma-Wilma, Nellie-Nelly osv. :)

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