The haunted house - chapter 6

When we woke up the next day the murderer has taken the lives of Robert, Antonio, Celine, Nelly and Yasmine during the night. Oscar was the first that saw them and when he was screaming all of us woke up and went out of our room to ask him what happened.
"Hey Oscar, what happened? Why are u screaming?!" Sophia asked as we saw him sitting on the floor in front of Robert and the others room. He looked on Sophia with tears in his eyes and whispered in a low and trembling voice.
"T-they're dead.." At first Sophia was just standing there, looking at him. But then she fell down to the floor unconscious.
"Ah, Sophia!" Lisanna said and ran up to her. "Hey, help me take her to our room", she said and looked at us. We put her in her bed to let her rest a while and walked out of the room again.
When we came out of the room, Patricia and Anne had locked their room and told us to stay calm because Nichole and Alice were panicking.
"Hey, try to stay calm a bit." Amanda said to Alice as she was almost hyperventilating.
"But..but, there's a murderer here! W-what if we also get killed!?" She said with a trembling voice. Amanda kept trying to get Alice calmer, and then Patricia whistled to get everyone's attention.
"You guys that's still dressed in pajamas have to get dressed now because we will be outside as much a possible since the murderer can be hiding inside. And whenever you have to go inside you absolutley can't go alone!"
"Kay..!" The class answered and half of it went to their rooms to get dressed.
I was the first one to get outside and after me Vicky came running. But as we got outside the door we saw something horrible.
We saw Christine hanging in the tree that's standing right in front of the house.
"Gaah, omg!" Vicky screamed and looked away terrified. I ran as fast as I could inside again and began to look for our teachers to tell them what happened.

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 5

When we came upstairs we saw the whole class standing outside the room where Christine was killed.
"Hey, look at this!" John said when we ran over to them.
"Everyone go back to your rooms, me and Anne will handle this.." Patricia said and then she and Anne walked in to the room as we others went back to our rooms. When Patricia and Anne walked in there the room was completely dark and there she was, leaning her back against the wall. There was still blood coming out of the wound in her stomach, although she had already stopped breathing..

"We have to call her parents and the police.." Anne said and looked at Patricia.
"Yeah, I go and call them." She answered and walked out of the room to make the calls. But after a few minutes she came back with a concerned face.
"Is something wrong?" Anne said as she looked at Patricia's expression.
"There's no signal..I can't contact them."
"So what do we do now?"
"I guess we can only wait then to contact them until we come home." Patricia said with a sigh. "But what should we do with Christine? We can't just leave her here.."
"We can get some blankets and wrap her up in them."
"Yeah, I'll go and get some." Patricia said and left the room again.
They wraped up Christine in some blankets and put her on the attic. When they had layed her down Anne stood up and looked around and the looked at Patricia.
"Am I the only one that feels like we're being watched..?" Anne asked and shrugged.
"Yeah, I feel like that too. Let's hurry down!" Patricia answered and walked towards the door. They made sure to lock after them and when they walked out, and after they came down from the attic they sat down outside again to watch when the sun goes down.

To be continued..

The haunted house - chapter 4

After we heard Yasmine scream she came outside running towards Robert and Antonio with tears in her eyes.
"Christie..s-s-she's.." She started and more tears were starting to run down her cheeks.
"Hey, what is it??" Robert said worried and confused.
"She's dead! She's been murdered by someone!" Yasmine shouted at Robert and Antonio and then she began to cry.
"She what?!" Antonio said and looked at Yasmine and then at Robert.
"DIDN'T YOU FUCKING HEAR ME!? SOMEONE HAS MURDERED HER! SHE'S STABBED AND BLEEDING AND SHE DOESN'T BREATH ANYMORE!! LOOK, LOOK HERE!" She screamed and was holding up her shaking hands that was covered in blood probably because she has touched Christine when they saw her.
"Where is she??" Patricia said and walked towards them as she heard Yasmine shouting that Christine was dead.
" the room that's in the end of the corridor, t-the room that no one is using." Yasmine answered and her voice was trembling. No one said anything, and all of us, even me, Wilma, Vicky, Isabelle, Sophia and Lisanna that where still sitting at the table where we had eaten dinner rusched inside to the place where Christine has been murdered.

Long Dark and Scary Corridor; corridor, dark, horror, Long, Romania, scary, the shinning

The haunted house - chapter 3

We arrived to the island about two hours later. The only house we saw was the house we're going to live in during this trip, and where else we looked we only saw trees..

"We're gonna live in this house??" Christine said and looked at the house and raised an eyebrow. "It looks like it's gonna fall apart any minute.."
"That's why it is a haunted house, Christie." Robert said and looked at the house and then at her, "A haunted house is old and creepy, not new and modern."
"Of course I know that, idiot.." She said annoyed by Robert's comment.

"Okay everyone!" Patricia said and tried to get everyone's attention. "The first thing we do is to choose a room, then we have to make some dinner. That's all, see ya guys soon", she said and then we went into the house. It was big and it looked pretty nice in there. On first floor there was a kitchen, a living room, a dining room and a bath room. On second floor there was a corridor with a lots of bedrooms. When we got upstairs we hurried to pick the best room, and we did manage to get the biggest one! I'm sharing room with Wilma, Vicky and Isabelle. After we picked our rooms we started to make dinner, we grilled some hamburgers and ate ouside since it was sunny. After dinner, some of us were still sitting outside when Celine came running towards us.
"Have you guys seen Christie?" She wondered and looked pretty worried.
"Nope, isn't she inside?" Robert answered and looked at her over his shoulder.
"No, she isn't. I've alreadly looked in our room, asked a few others that's inside too and looked around at the first floor, but I can't find her. Can't you guys help me find her??"
"Should we help her?" Robert asked the other fellows that were sitting at the same table as him. (and the other people was Antionio, Nelly and Yasmine)
"Yeah, she should be somewhere.." Yasmine said and stood up and the others did it as well. Nelly and Yasmine followed Celine to search inside while Robert and Antonio looked around outside.
Then suddenly we heard Yasmine screaming.
"Whoah, I wonder why she was screaming.." Robert said and looked at Antonio.
"Maybe Christie wasn't gone and had just hidden somewhere to scare Nelly and Yasmine", Antonio answered and grinned.

They were right about one thing, and that was that Yasmine screamed because she saw Christine. Although it was not because of the guess Antonio made, but..

To be continued..

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